Büyükelçinin Özgeçmişi

Name : Arslan Hakan Okçal

Date and Place of Birth:25 February 1954, Istanbul, Turkey

Family:Married to Mrs. Pınar Okçal with two daughters and a son

Languages: English, German

Academic Background :BA in International Relations, Faculty of Political Sciences,

Ankara University, Turkey (1977)

Diplomacy Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

Ankara (1979)

NATO Defence College, Rome, Italy (1989)


August–December 1978:Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA),


April 1980-August 1981:Military Service, Second Lieutenant, Turkish Air

Force HQ, Ankara

December 1981-August 1983: Vice-Consul, Turkish Consulate General, Benghazi,


September 1983-August 1987: Vice Consul and Consul, Turkish Consulate General,

Muenster, W. Germany

September 1987-February 1989: First Secretary, Administrative and Financial

Department, MFA

February 1989-July 1989: NATO Defence College, Rome, Italy

August 1989-September 1992: First Secretary and Counsellor, Turkish Delegation,

NATO, Brussels, Belgium

September 1992-August 1995 : Consul General, Turkish Consulate General,

Komotini, Greece

September 1995-August 1997: Head of North America Department, MFA

September 1997-August 1999 : First Counsellor and Minister Counsellor, Turkish

Embassy, Bonn, Germany

September 1999-August 2001 : Minister Counsellor, Turkish Embassy, Berlin,


September 2001-December 2004: Deputy Director General for Research, MFA

December 2004-June 2008: Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Nigeria,

Abuja (Accredited to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana,

Togo, Benin, Niger, Kamerun, Equatorial Guinea,

Sao Tome and Principe and ECOWAS (Economic
Community of West African States))

June 2008-July 2010:Ambassador to the Republic of Macedonia, Skopje

August 2010-December 2013: Director General for the Balkans, and Central

Europe, MFA

January 2014-: Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Seoul

(Accredited to the Democratic People’s Republic of


Arslan Hakan Okçal Ambassador
Monday - Friday

09:00 - 12:30 / 13:30 - 18:00

1/1/2017 New Year's Day
1/27/2017 1/30/2017 Lunar New Year
3/1/2017 Independence Day Movement
5/1/2017 Children's Day
5/1/2017 Labor Day
5/3/2017 Buddha's Birthday
6/6/2017 Memorial Day
6/25/2017 6/27/2017
8/15/2017 Independence Day
9/1/2017 9/4/2017
10/3/2017 National Foundation Day
10/4/2017 10/6/2017 Moon Harvest Festival
10/9/2017 Hangul Foundation Day
10/29/2017 National Day of Republic of Turkey
12/25/2017 Christmas Day